Trick or Treat

Event Date: 10/31/2020

The Beachwood Governing Body has decided to change the date of Halloween Trick or Treat to Saturday, October 31st. Trick or Treat should take place between the hours of 2pm and 8pm. This decision was made after discussion with our police Chief and our surrounding communities in order to try and be consistent with each other and provide a safe and fun day for our residents.
We realize this year is an unusual year due to the COVID pandemic, but want to leave the choice to trick-or-treat up to the individual families in our community.
For residents who plan to trick-or-treat, we ask that you wear a mask or face covering in accordance with CDC guidelines, practice proper social distancing, carry hand sanitizer and be respectful of those who choose not to participate.
For residents who want to participate in providing treats please leave your porch lights on.
Residents who do not want to participate are encouraged to turn off their front light, close their front door and/or place a sign in front of their house.
We advise parents to accompany children, always carry a flashlight for safety, stay as close to the side of the roads as possible and only go to houses where the porch lights are on.
As always please drive cautiously through our streets especially on Halloween.
Also please remember that the official curfew in Beachwood on October 30th and October 31st is 9pm.
Thank you, be safe and enjoy Halloween.


Curfew 10/30 - 10/31 is 9:00 PM