A Better Container, A Healthier Environment

Your New Cart Is a Real Collector’s Item: A Better Container, A Healthier Environment

The problems of refuse collection are familiar to all of us. In windy weather, garbage is spilled during emptying or from overflowing containers. Dogs and other animals scatter the refuse. Conditions for refuse collection crews are not only dirty and unpleasant, but sometimes dangerous.
Wheeled carts make trash collection easier for everybody. Carts are stable and will not blow over even is high winds. Lids are attached and snug fitting which prevents pests from getting into them. It also eliminates orders and lost lids. No more trash can liners to buy or to dispose of in our landfills. The carts have a smooth interior for easy cleaning and are attractively designed to blend into any neighborhood.

The results of a curbside collection program are cleaner, more attractive environment, as well as better living and working conditions for all concerned.

Do’s and Don’ts for Cart Use:



Answers to Your Questions:

Q: How is my cart cleaner?
A: The cart is designed to be impervious to animals and insects. The cart is very stable which makes it virtually impossible to tip over. In addition, the lid is attached and fits snugly over the container keeping out water and eliminating odors. Since it is attached it will not blow off in high winds. Because of its smooth design, trash slides out easily during emptying, assuring that all contents go into the truck. The health hazard of litter on our streets and in our alleys will be a thing of the past. The smooth design of the cart allows for easy cleaning.

Q: How is it safer?
A: By not having to lift cans there is less chance of injury to both you and your garbage disposal crew.

Q: How is it more efficient?

A: Currently many different types of trash cans or even trash bags are in use. This means collections must be handled manually and is therefore much slower. The new trash collection system uses one type of container that can be emptied by automated equipment, making the process faster and safer. It also eliminates having to buy trash bags, which are expensive and hard to dispose of environmentally.