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Before making repairs, additions or alterations on your property, call the Building Department to see if a permit is needed.

Permits are required for renovations, extensive repairs, additions, roofs, siding, pools, signs, wood stoves and fireplaces, sheds, fences, concrete & paved patios, decks, sidewalk repairs, driveway extensions/expansions and any modifications which also may include street excavation, ornamental landscape structures, sports courts, hot water heaters, sprinklers, gas lines for BBQ & pool heaters, installation & removal of oil tanks, air-conditioning replacements, gas conversions, hot tubs and spas, gazebos, porch enclosures, awnings, satellite dishes, radon mitigation and, of course, any new home or building.

The fee for a zoning permit is $35 for residential and $75 for commercial. For questions regarding building, plumbing or fire permit fees please feel free to contact our department secretary at extension 218.

Homeowners and contractors should be aware of the new codes to be complied with when applying for permits. The new codes for Building and Plumbing are as follows: IRC2006 NJ (International Residential Code), IBC 2006 NJ (International Building Code) and The National Plumbing Code 2006.

Homeowners should be aware of the New Jersey Home Improvement Contractors License requirement when selecting a contractor. See the web site for more information:

All home sales require a Certificate of Continued Occupancy and all rental properties require an annual Rental Permit. The fees are $50 for Re-Sales/Rentals and $30 for Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide. We recommended applying for certificates as follows:

60 days prior to closing for sales.

45 days prior to occupancy for rentals.

For applications, please use the Gov Pilot Rental/Resale button.

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