Alliance Members

Beachwood Municipal Alliance Committee

Geralynn Roma

Programs:  Youth Dance - Community Family Nights - Health Ease
Alliance Meetings - StepParenting - Sticker Shock The BMA
also sponsors Bear Cubs at the Beachwood ElementarySchool

Ronald F. Roma Jr.; Mayor
Mayor & Governing Body

Glenn DeMarco
Chief of Police

Jean DiBernardo

Ed Zakar
Governing Body

Robert Tapp
Concerned Citizen

Annette Soucy 
Toms River Schools Teacher

Ray DiBernardo
Concerned Citizen

Pat Zakar
Girl Scout Representative

Kayleigh & Jessica Soucy
Youth Members

Thank you Mayor Roma, Chief Tapp, Officer Langdon, Sawyers Liquor Store, DART Youth Group and students from TR High School South who participated in placing stickers on packages of alcohol to continue our mission to educate the community that it’s illegal to purchase alcohol for anyone under the age of 21.

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